Who lived? Who died? And who won?

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the final season of Peaky Blinders.

Seriously. If you're not into spoilers, stop reading now. This is your final warning.

Although there is hopefully a Peaky Blinders movie in our future, that didn't stop the show from delivering one heck of a series finale. The sixth and final season of the beloved BBC gangster drama saw man-with-a-plan Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) hit new lows. Coming off a failed assassination attempt in the season 5 finale — one of the only times someone's ever been ahead of Thomas Shelby — he was already having a rough time. Then, within minutes of the season 6 premiere, he lost Polly (the late Helen McCrory). A few episodes later, he lost his daughter, Ruby.

As if that weren't enough, Tommy also thought he was dying thanks to a hospital scan and a visit from his doctor saying he probably had a year left to live. And yet, Thomas Shelby was not one of the casualties of the Peaky series finale.

After a rough season for many members of the Shelby family, they came together to battle their foes. Arthur (Paul Anderson), finally opium-free, took out Laura McKee (Charlene McKenna), a leading member of the Irish Republican Army that killed Polly. As for Tommy, his big finale showdown was with none other than Michael (Finn Cole), who'd promised both his mother and Gina's (Anya Taylor-Joy) uncle Jack (James Frecheville) that he'd take Tommy out.

Peaky Blinders
Cillian Murphy on 'Peaky Blinders'
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But when Michael tried to place a bomb in Tommy's car, Tommy was one step ahead, and switched the bomb to another car. When Michael walked outside to discover he'd failed, he knew he was a dead man. Michael told Tommy that Polly's death was his fault, to which Tommy said Polly still visited him in his dreams. "She'll visit me no more," Tommy said as he pulled the trigger and shot Michael through the eye.

Tommy then retreated into nature, planning to take his own life before illness took him. At least, until he saw a photo of his doctor at Oswald Mosley's (Sam Claflin) wedding. It was then that Tommy realized the fascists had figured out that only Thomas Shelby could kill Thomas Shelby. Tommy confronted his doctor, but in the end, chose not to kill him.

The final shot of the series involved Tommy, on a white horse — mirroring the opening shot of the series, which featured Tommy on a black horse — returning to find the wagon full of his belongings on fire. He then turned and rode off. Considering there are still a few people alive who tried to kill him, we'd say he has some business to handle.

Peaky Blinders season 6 is streaming now on Netflix.

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