We asked the maniac doll to dish on some of his wildest slasher fantasies.

A certain pint-sized maniac hits the small screen tomorrow when Chucky premieres on Syfy and USA. The show, which stars Brad Dourif, Zackary Arthur, Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, and Alex Vincent, is set in an idyllic American town that is thrown into chaos after a vintage Good Guy doll turns up at a suburban yard sale.

"The main character is a 14-year-old gay boy who's bullied and sort of lost after the recent death of his mother," Chucky showrunner Don Mancini recently told EW. "He's a young artist [making] sculptures with doll parts. He finds Chucky at a yard sale and buys him, but it turns out that he gets much more than he bargained for."

The titular slasher in the new Syfy and USA series 'Chucky'
| Credit: Brendan Meadows/SYFY

Some other folks who might have a rough time if they crossed paths with the killer doll from Child's Play? His fellow horror icons. Below, Chucky tells us how he would murder some of horror's best-known movie slashers.

Hannibal Lecter

CHUCKY: "I wouldn't eat his liver; liver's disgusting. And fava beans make me fart. Hannibal's brain is the last thing I'd eat — everyone knows that can give you mad cow disease. That's why Leatherface is so f---ed up. Maybe I'd turn Hannibal into chili dogs and eat him with fries and a Coke. The guy's such a f---ing snob, he'd die of embarrassment."

Freddy Krueger

"He's a pretty chill dude. We hang out in my nightmares. Anyway, Freddy tells the lamest jokes you've ever heard. For that alone, he deserves to die. So I'd just give him a taste of his own medicine. I'd pun him to death: 'Hey, Freddy, here's my definition of slash fiction!' Or: 'You're a real dream come grue!' See? Painful, isn't it?"


"Tiffany says she'd do this one for me. Annie and Tiff, they hate each other. I'll let Tiff speak for herself: 'Chucky's exaggerating. I don't hate Anna Dumb-belle — I just feel sorry for her. Imagine going through life with that face. And that hair — what is she thinking? I'd just put her out of her misery by putting acid in her rosacea cream.'"

Michael Myers

"I'd just out-stalk him. Dude is slow. Plus, my butcher knife is bigger."

As told to Don Mancini.

Chucky premieres Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy and USA Network. Watch the trailer above.

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