Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen, and Eureka will make over more cities across America.

Gird your loins, fellow citizens: Shangela, Eureka, and Bob the Drag Queen will continue their cross-country mission to make America gay again.

HBO announced Friday the trio's docuseries We're Here — which follows the Drag Race alums as they make over the lives of small-town Americans — has been renewed for season 2.

The network announced the renewal in a heartfelt Instagram post amid nationwide protests against police brutality and at the top of LGBTQIA+ Pride month, which the series page acknowledged "was, and is, a protest led by Black trans women, fighting for justice.... we would not have the celebrations we've come to expect without the Black LGBTQIA+ activists and artists fighting in the streets for all of our rights."

"We're Here is about spreading love and change through the transformative power of drag. The queens and the communities that embrace them prove that love, compassion and a willingness to listen can spark change," the statement continues. "With that, we hope the renewal of We're Here for a second season will play a small part in the ongoing fight for justice and equality. Our queens will continue to travel the country uplifting the queer community and creating joy where you might least expect it."

Across the six-episode first season (co-created by Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren), Shangela, Bob, and Eureka traveled the nation from Gettysburg, Pa., to Twin Falls, Idaho — riding in giant, individually themed cars designed by Lady Gaga collaborator Marla Weinhoff — as they helped transform queer twentysomethings, ex-homophobic mothers, straight male musicians, into drag superstars sporting wigs, heels, and dresses across spectacular lip-sync performances.

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"We see a lot about drag being used as a form of entertainment, and we definitely bring that, but the drag element here is transformative, but not like something you’ve seen before,” Shangela previously told EW of We're Here showcasing drag as an all-encompassing way of life versus a commodity. “Drag is therapeutic, not just for them, but also for us. Drag is the right medium to go through this therapeutic transformation because it’s about shedding what other people think of you and letting go of norms of society that say what you have to look like or feel. It’s about shaking off the act of looking to other people for approval or acceptance, and diving deep into who you are as a person through the power of drag and the armor it helps you put on.”

A release date for We're Here season 2 has yet to be announced.

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