Harley Quinn
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The corporate gods have answered our prayers: streaming DC Universe's wondrous Harley Quinn just got a little easier.

The anarchic animated series arrived on HBO Max on Saturday, hopefully bringing this hidden gem to a wider streaming audience. The show stars The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco as the title character, gloriously liberated from her recurring role as "the Joker's girlfriend" in a series that puts its own wild, TV-MA spin on the Batman and DC mythos. Just one example: Wonder Woman's homeland of Themyscira recast as a tropical resort for bachelorette parties with a designated male-stripper island.

Season 1 sees Harley breaking up with the Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) and crashing on Poison Ivy's (Lake Bell) couch while forming her own crew of supervillains, with the lineup including Clayface (Tudyk), Dr. Psycho (Tony Hale), and the scene-stealing King Shark (Ron Funches). Other iconic DC characters frequently pop up in subversive fashion, from a Bane that directly lampoons Tom Hardy’s performance in The Dark Knight Rises to a bratty take on Robin voiced by Jacob Tremblay. Add plenty of violence and cursing and you have DC's gleeful answer to Deadpool.

EW has championed the show since its debut last year; you can check out two different impassioned pitches for why you should watch the show if you need more convincing. Or perhaps this clip of the show's take on fanboys will persuade you. Or maybe you should hear from Cuoco herself: “I think she actually represents more of the women out there than we think,” the actress told EW. ”Getting away from a bad relationship and having your friends around you to make you feel powerful and believe in yourself, that’s like feminism at its core. That’s what I love about her: She kicks ass, she loves her friends, she does bad things but for what she thinks are right reasons, she’s strong, she’s quirky, she’s fun (let’s not forget how fun she is), and absolutely adorable." Quick, to the Bat-streamer!

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