Host Nicole Byer was a good sport and tasted Gadsby's possibly stale creation sent from 8,000 miles away.

By Rachel Yang
July 02, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT
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"I'm frightened, I can't read" might be a great descriptor of everyone's mental state these days, but these defeated words actually belong to Hannah Gadsby, who found out that nailing Nailed It is harder than it looks.

In a special at-home edition of the Netflix baking show, the comedian competed against Better Things star Pamela Adlon in a tough challenge. Host Nicole Byer (sans Jacques Torres this time) tasked them with recreating an adorable cake of Gadsby's dog Douglas, whom she named her recent Netflix comedy special after.

Gadsby said she was a Nailed It! superfan, but the comedian had a disadvantage, what with being 8,000 miles away in her native Australia. By the time her dessert got to Byer for judging, it might've tasted less like cake and more like old gum.

The hilarious video was full of quotables from the celebrity bakers.

"I feel like Rocky Balboa after he punched all the meat, and he's just been down in the dumps and he's just ready," Adlon said.

Gadsby didn't share her competitor's confidence.

"I am s—ing bricks," she said.

Watch the full video to see who won and what their finished cakes looked like. And of course, stay tuned for Adlon's surprisingly good Julia Child impression and cute cameos from real-life Douglas.

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