Turns out Shelton has a spotty cell phone network to thank for his new fiancé.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton officially got engaged back in October, and if you're wondering just how these two musicians got together in the first place, they have a comical Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile to explain it all.

Basically, Shelton has shoddy cell service to thank for that.

Fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine also makes an appearance in the commercial that poked fun at situations involving spotty cell phone networks. He's chatting with Stefani over video chat and instead of hearing everything she's looking for in a man, all he hears is the "Hollaback Girl" singer wants is she wanted someone not from Los Angeles who's "completely country," "uncultured," and is "threatened by a strong, confident woman."

"I have your guy," Levine joked.

Outside of this T-Mobile pocket reality, Stefani and Shelton had been dating for years before he finally put a ring on it.

"I think there was a lot to consider when you have so many people involved. Children, and their hearts, and everybody in my family [and] his family, we all went through a lot together," Stefani said on Today in January. "So I think in a romantic way, when you fall in love so hard and so unexpectedly — and so late in your life — you think 'I want to marry you!' That's the first romantic reaction, like, 'Let's get married,'" she continued. "So we always talked about it, of course, and I think that as the years were going by, it didn't need to happen. There was a lot of healing to do."

Watch their jokey ad above.

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