By Rosy Cordero
October 08, 2020 at 01:00 PM EDT

Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 have released a new promo with a powerful message for healthcare workers:  Thank you.

Set to The Fray's "How to Save a Life," the new footage concludes with images of real life medical heroes, who have been on the frontlines of the global health crisis.

“This season, our work is dedicated to the healthcare workers who put their lives on the line every day to try to save ours,” said Krista Vernoff, showrunner and executive producer for Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy. “Wear a mask, save someone else’s life.”

Vernoff recently told EW about her plans for covering the pandemic on the popular Shondaland dramas, following the lives of medical professionals and firefighters.

“I think we all hoped when the world shut down that it would be for an episode or maybe a two-parter,” she said. “But here we are six months later, still not allowed to hug our parents. So [the pandemic is] engrained into the season.” Specifically, season 17 will feature two timelines, one picking up right after the events of the finale and one taking place a couple weeks into COVID."

She added about Station 19, ″Yes. Those shows are on the same timeline, they exist in the same universe, they're three blocks apart in Seattle. The pandemic exists on Station 19 as well, but it looks and feels different on Station 19 because it's not a hospital so the protocols are different and everyone doesn't have to be in masks and PPE all the time. It's a little different."

The Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover premiere event is set for Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

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