Team Flash usually has its hands full with big problems on The Flash: Telepathic gorillas, dimension-hopping mirror wizards, and speedsters will delusions of grandeur, for example. Conversely, the CW super-drama's cast contends with far more mundane problems while shooting — at least based on this sneak peek at season 6's bloopers.

In this exclusive clip from the gag reel — included on The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season DVD and Blu-ray set — Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and the rest of the cast hilariously struggle with their props and the set. Gustin continuously breaking the stellar grenade from the season 6 premiere, Tom Cavanagh losing track of Nash Wells' many gadgets, and Patton fumbling with the door to Barry and Iris' apartment are just some of the delightful outtakes that await you in the clip.

Make sure you watch to the very end to see what Gustin does once Patton finally manages to get the door open.

Watch the clip above.

The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season arrives Aug. 25 on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Flash will return for season 7 in 2021 on the CW.

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