The 'Masterchef' heads off for new eating adventures in Norway, Indonesia, and Tasmania in exclusive trailer for 'Uncharted" season 2.
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted
Credit: Justin Mandel/Humble Pie Rights Limited

Gordon Ramsay sure has a taste for adventure.

In an exclusive first look at the trailer for season 2 of NatGeo's Uncharted, the risk-keen chef tucks into some bull riding, caiman hunting, and tarantula grilling all in the name of finding new flavors. The Michelin-star winner and TV personality stops off in Norway, Indonesia, Tasmania, Guyana, and more this season on his epic quest to discover new dishes and return to cooking basics.

"Getting to that source and touching those ingredients that you’d never see in major cities is so exciting for me," Ramsay tells EW. "Also peeling back the layers of the foundations of different cultures, in terms of how important food is to them and what it means, is really fascinating. It’s just a completely different practice."

At the end of each adventure into food, Ramsay challenges himself with a final big cookout with a local food legend by his side, as they prepare a meal together for locals he's met during his journey. "We get to meet great characters and chefs that are about to break through along the way," says Ramsay. "That kind of discovery makes it all the more important for me."

Uncharted season 2 premieres June 7 at 10 p.m. on National Geographic. Watch the trailer above.

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