The MasterChef may be a pro in the kitchen, but when it comes to farming, accidents happen.

The cows are getting revenge on Gordon Ramsay!

In an exclusive clip from the second season of National Geographic travel seriesUncharted, the hotheaded chef finds he isn't the only one able to give others sh—.  While on the hunt for the finest cut of beef on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, Ramsay also gives milking a cow a go, only to get pooped on at very close vicinity. Like that wasn't hilarious bad enough, the animal then flicks its tail, covering Ramsay in its dung.

Credit: National Geographic

Elsewhere in Sunday's episode, titled “Sumatra’s Stunning Highlands" (and we're assuming after a shower?), Ramsay hikes to the site of the Pacu Jawi — the Indonesian version of a bull run. The tradition started over 400 years ago to celebrate the end of the rice harvest and still happens today. Because Gordon is having no luck with bulls, when he tries to take part in the run, he is defeated by the species once again.

Watch the clip above. Uncharted airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on National Geographic.

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