Norman Lear is bringing back another of his classic TV series in a unique way.

An animated version of Good Times has been picked up by Netflix, a collaboration between Lear, NBA star Stephen Curry, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

"We can't think of anything better, at this time in our culture, than a reimagining of Good Times animated," said Lear and his producing partner Brent Miller in a statement. "In a year filled with darkness, this is one bright light we won't soon forget."

The original series — a spin-off of Maude — followed the Evans family as they lived and loved throughout the 1970s from their home in a public housing project in inner-city Chicago. Florida and James Evans, portrayed by Esther Rolle and John Amos, raised their three children, James Jr. (Jimmie Walker), Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis), and Michael (Ralph Carter), to live an honest and hardworking life. Audiences saw the family tackle contemporary social issues, many of which were taboo for the era, including drug use, teen pregnancy, and racial inequality.

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In the animated version, viewers will follow the Evans household in today's times as they continue to bring to light issues affecting the world.

"It's a dream come true to be working with the legendary talents of Norman Lear, Seth MacFarlane, and Stephen Curry," said Carl Jones, who will serve as creator, showrunner, and EP of the new series. " We are excited to carry on the original legacy of Good Times — but now animated and a little edgier. Let's just say the struggle has just gotten strugglier."

It is unclear at this time if any members of the original cast will participate in the revival. Amos made a special appearance in Lear's Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times last year.

Lear successfully rebooted One Day at a Time in 2017, reimagined with a Latino family at the center. Season 4 of the popular series, which previously aired on Pop TV, will make its CBS debut this fall.

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