Hawn recalls the time she and partner Russell were snuggling in bed while watching their characters snuggle in bed on screen.

By Nick Romano
May 27, 2020 at 08:56 AM EDT
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Goldie Hawn isn't one to watch herself in movies. As she put it to Andy Cohen, it's because she did the thing already so why watch it again? But she and her partner Kurt Russell did get cozy in a bed together and watched themselves in the movie Overboard, which she says on Watch What Happens Live was a "fabulous" experience."

"[We] were actually in bed and getting ready to snuggle and the TV was on... It was us two on Overboard," Hawn recalls. "So, the two of us forgot about what we were gonna do and we ended up watching the movie."

The two starred in the 1987 comedy from director Garry Marshall. Hawn played Joanna Stayton, a snobby, spoiled, rich woman who literally throws her carpenter, Dean Proffitt (Russell), off her yacht after a spat. When she later falls into the ocean at sea and finds herself in a hospital with amnesia, Dean, a widow struggling to raise his sons, takes it upon himself to get some revenge by claiming to be her husband. Hijinks — and an unexpected romance — ensue.

The movie was remade for 2018 audiences with stars Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, but the original remains a classic. There's also a scene in that first film where Joanna and Dean are snuggling in bed. Knowing that Hawn and Russell were doing the same thing while watching it brings a tear to the eye.

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