The actress posted a lengthy address to fans after Swift called out the series for what she called a "lazy, deeply sexist" joke about her.

By Joey Nolfi
March 05, 2021 at 10:05 AM EST

Ginny & Georgia star Antonia Gentry is thanking fans of her new Netflix show for their support during an ongoing controversy involving one of the program's jokes about Taylor Swift.

After the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter called out a "lazy, deeply sexist" joke that Gentry's character made about the recording artist's relationships with men, the 23-year-old shared an Instagram post expressing gratitude for the way the biracial Ginny has impacted their lives in other ways.

"It is so meaningful to see the hundreds of messages from fans in my inbox who feel seen, heard and understood because of the show and its characters. It has also been fun to hear from those who were just happy to be along for an entertaining ride," Gentry wrote of the show, which follows the 30-year-old Georgia (Brianne Howey), who moves to a small New England town with her 15-year-old daughter, Ginny, where they struggle to adjust to a new way of life.

Gentry, whom has since received a barrage of criticism from Swift's fans on social media, further celebrated the character's flaws as being real and relatable to many young women growing up and finding their identity, just as Ginny does in her new surroundings.

"As someone who grew up feeling voiceless and unimportant, and who did not see herself reflected on screen, Ginny Miller was finally a reprieve," she said. "Finally, a character who was just as confused and imperfect as I was gets a chance to exist. Ginny Miller, though fictional, is a character who reflects all of life's contradictions and imperfections."

Though she didn't reference the Swift controversy explicitly, Gentry's sentiment engaged with Ginny's connection to the world around her, noting that "she is a character among many in the show who implicate us all. She shows us our own biases, prejudices and injustices. She loves, she lies and she stands up for what she believes in — even though she may not have all of her facts straight."

"She makes mistakes — morally, mentally, physically, emotionally — and not just within herself, but within the broken world she lives in," Gentry finished.

Swift first tweeted her displeasure with the series' writing on Monday, accusing the show of "degrading hard working women" by including a joke about Swift's romantic life. She also called out distributor Netflix for including the line after it worked with her on the release of her 2020 documentary Miss Americana.

Ginny & Georgia's first season is now streaming on Netflix.

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