Jump on in, Carly and Jason — the water's great!

General Hospital is all about making a big splash, now more than ever.

The ABC sudser has unveiled a fancy new rooftop pool at the show's fictitious Metro Court Hotel. Now all those popular GH characters can cool themselves off after getting hot over a new lover (or an old foil).

"The pool was something that executive producer Frank Valentini really wanted to do to add a fun summertime setting," production designer Andrew Evashchen tells EW. "We do a lot of scenes in the Metro Court Hotel restaurant. The pool is a great way to get our characters into a new place at the hotel while bringing something fresh for scenery, wardrobe, and story."

Brook Kerr, Donnell Turner, and Tajh Bellow on 'General Hospital'
| Credit: ABC/Troy Harvey

It took production three weeks to build the 27-by-7-foot pool on the show's Prospect Studios lot in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. The pool is 3 feet deep so actors can step in and actually look like they're about to take a swim. The entire pool holds about 4,000 gallons of water.

"It is not saltwater, but it is filtered each day and heated when actors are in it," says Evashchen, who designed the pool with Jennifer Elliott. "The blue coating on the inside of the pool gives it the color we are super-pleased with. We picked it with Frank, and the company that sprayed it on was able to match what we picked perfectly."

This is the first time that GH has featured an actual pool. The show once had a private club that referenced a pool, but it was never shown. There is actually one other water set within the GH soundstages: Pier 55, where Jason (Steve Burton) saved Sam (Kelly Monaco) when he returned to Port Charles.

'General Hospital' art director Andrew Evashchen and set decorator Jennifer Elliott
| Credit: ABC/Troy Harvey

GH isn't the first soap to have a pool. Over the years, The Young and the Restless has featured pools at the Chancellor estate, the Newman ranch, and the Abbott manse. And on Days of Our Lives, the Kiriakises had a pool back in the day.

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