With a new teaser flaunting a 2021 premiere for... something, it looks like the gaming TV destination is rebooting.

By Nick Romano
July 24, 2020 at 03:39 PM EDT
Credit: G4TV/Twitter

It looks like G4, the esteemed video game television network that once played host to the likes of Olivia Munn and Adam Sessler, is rebooting itself.

On Friday, IGN shared a mysterious teaser that came with very little information, but was all the saying-it-without-saying-it confirmation we needed.

The footage scrolled through an empty studio before landing on an old-school television set with the game Pong on the screen. Then, an "incoming transmission" interrupted the feed and resulted in the G4 logo with the year 2021 and a tagline that read, "We never stopped playing."

Around the same time, one helpful marketing rep from a G4 TV email address sent a notice to press to notify them that the network's official website and Twitter account are all back up and running since being out of commission for almost a decade.

G4 launched in 2002 and grew in popularity with shows like X- Play, a review and comedy skit block hosted originally by Sessler; and Attack of the Show!, a live pop-culture show that included Munn as one of its lively former hosts. The network eventually shut down in 2014. But, while any other official word on the matter is virtually non-existent, things look hopeful by all counts.

Munn helped share the teaser's release on Friday. Sessler tweeted, "Well, this is [a] curious turn of events."

NBC Universal currently owns G4 and some have already theorized that the network could return its programming slate on the Peacock streaming platform. We'll have to wait and see what truly is in the works. Might we suggest that, in whatever form G4 now takes, they should add a show that's just Henry Cavill doing gamer things in his blue tank top. You could call it Game Specs & Pecs.

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