"It's very tricky to explain," Pugh told Seth Meyers.

While watching a screening of Black Widow with her family, Florence Pugh became that audience member — but only to help her mom understand the movie better.

Pugh, who visited Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote Marvel's newest superhero film, told the host that while being cast in a Marvel movie is obviously cool, it's a little tough to understand if you're not as invested in the sprawling, cinematic universe that has spawned over a decade of superheroes and 23 inter-connected films. So she did the heavy lifting of making sure her mom had some background details.

"She wasn't asking, but I kept on leaning over and being like, 'so she's a real, real baddie and he's really nasty, and he's done all these bad things to these women,' Pugh admitted. "And then something else would happen and I'd be like, 'so the reason why that's funny is because four movies ago...'"

Black Widow
Credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Pugh went on to explain the moment she realized she'd become "that person that's now talking during the entire screening, and it's my movie and I'm explaining the plot to my mom." But it didn't stop her from making sure her family also knew about a very common Marvel staple: the post-credits scene.

"I was the person who was like, 'everybody sit down, there's a post-credits scene! It was me that did that!" Pugh told Meyers with a laugh.

Black Widow, in which Pugh plays Yelena Belova — a Red Room grad and sister figure to Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) — might be Pugh's first foray into a big movie franchise but the actress is no stranger to her family being confused about the movies she chooses to star in. Pugh revealed that when she took her family to see Midsommar at a London theater for the first time, her grandfather had some harsh criticism about her breakout role.

"I took my grandad and my gran and my mum and my sister, and we all sat down. And at the end, my grandad — who does not watch movies like Midsommar — came up to me and he put his hand on my shoulder," Pugh explained. "And he said, "well if you weren't in it, I wouldn't watch it!''"

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