The YA series debuts June 10.

Can love conquer destiny? Juliette and Calliope sure hope so.

Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming supernatural YA series First Kill. Based on New York Times best-selling author Victoria "V. E." Schwab's 2020 short story of the same name, First Kill is a love story, albeit a very complicated one. As a legacy vampire, teenager Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) is destined to make her first kill and take her place in her family. But when she meets Calliope (Imani Lewis), the new girl in town, the two start to fall in love. The problem? Calliope's family has a destiny all its own, and it just so happens to be hunting monsters.

First Kill
Netflix's vampire series 'First Kill' stars Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook
| Credit: NETFLIX

As Calliope says in the trailer, she's "from a lineage thousands of years old of the best monster hunters to ever walk the earth." But when she meets Juliette, she tells her, "You're nothing like the monsters I grew up hating."

With both of the young women preparing for their (very different) first kills, their love will be put to the test. With fate working against them — and even their parents forbidding them from being together — Juliette and Calliope will have to decide what kind of lives they want.

From showrunner Felicia D. Henderson (The PunisherGossip Girl), First Kill also stars Elizabeth Mitchell (Margo), Will Swenson (Sebastian), Aubion Wise (Talia), Jason Robert Moore (Jack), Gracie Dzienny (Elinor), Dylan McNamara (Oliver), Dominic Goodman (Apollo), Phillip Mullings Jr (Theo)., MK xyz (Tess), Jonas Dylan Allen (Ben), and Roberto Mendez (Noah). Schwab is on board as a writer and executive producer, with Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss also serving as executive producers.

Eight hour-long episodes will debut on Netflix on June 10.

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