By Dalton Ross
February 17, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST

"Death, destruction, decay. What is happening to the world isn't new. The world's been breaking down since its inception. Everything is winding down, including us. Death is inevitable. But from this death comes new life."

That is the ominous narration that accompanies the exclusive new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead's second half of season 6 (which returns April 11 on AMC), and the narration comes courtesy of series newcomer John Glover (Scrooged, Gremlins 2, Smallville) — referred to by Alicia as "the king of the crazies." But whom are these crazies of which Alicia speaks?

That's just one of the questions from an eerie and action-packed teaser that also shows John Dorie fighting with Morgan (hey, same team!), Ginny holding a bloody Daniel at gunpoint (I guess the amnesia ruse was foiled), Dakota surrounded by zombies (it happens), and an appearance by Sherry's Outcasts group (paging Dwight!). But perhaps the most striking image is of the insane-looking tree zombie just sort of hanging out in the midst of all the other madness.

After critics and fans complained about the slow pacing of season 5, Fear returned in the fall of 2020 with what so far has been labeled by many as its best season ever — a creative comeback that coincided with bigger stakes and deeper dives on individual characters. The nine episodes remaining in season 6 look to build on that internal tension and external strife while adding some new elements and characters into the mix. To get a good look at all the action, check out the trailer above.

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