Fate: The Winx Saga showrunner Brian Young teases what's ahead for Bloom, Musa, and more.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Fate: The Winx Saga season 2.

Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 ended with a shocker.

Bloom (Abigail Cowen) got one huge step closer to finding answers about her past. Not only is she more than 1,000 years old, but her mom sent herself into exile in the Realm of Darkness, believed to be long gone. After defeating Sebastian (Éanna Hardwicke) with the help of her friends, Bloom is left with the job of closing the portal to the Realm of Darkness, which can only be done from the other side. Bloom has a tearful goodbye with Skye (Danny Griffin), leaves notes for her friends, and enters the realm — where she is met by her mother who is, shockingly, alive.

We spoke to Fate: The Winx Saga showrunner Brian Young about Bloom's discovery, Beatrix's death, and what's ahead for the fairies in a potential season 3.

Fate The Winx Club Saga Season 2
Precious Mustapha as Aisha, Abigail Cowen as Bloom, Elisha Applebaum as Musa, Eliot Salt as Terra
| Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Bloom is in the Realm of Darkness with her mother! How did you decide where the season would end for her and how her mother would re-enter the picture?

BRIAN YOUNG: We knew pretty early on that we wanted Bloom to come face-to-face with her mom. It was important for us to make sure that we did answer some of the audience's questions, but still leave them wanting more with more places to go in season 3. 

In the back half of season 2, we talked about Bloom not having the person in her life for guidance, that connection to her past. That's always been part of Bloom's big journey. For her, having just lost control in the back half of the season is her greatest fear being realized. It's a relief for Bloom to have somebody to talk to, and she's probably scared about what she's going to learn. 

Is the plan to expand the world of the show further by exploring the Realm of Darkness in a potential season 3?

The goal is to answer what is the Realm of Darkness? How is Bloom and her mom connected to it? Also, how it connects to our big overall mythology, which we sprinkled in a little bit of in season 2. 

Beatrix's path is complicated, even to her death. What is her legacy and why was now the right time for her exit?

I love Beatrix so much, and Sadie [Soverall] is such an amazing actress. In season 1, she had this plan and she thought she was going to be the queen at school once Rosalind came out. She realizes, "Oh, I miscalculated everything," and for Beatrix that's the scariest thing. She starts to develop this friendship with Stella and starts to realize maybe there's more for me at the school with these people. We have been planning the Beatrix-Stella friendship story before season 1 aired, and then this Stellatrix thing happened online. 

We left it with a little bit of gray because she did kill Sky, so it's did she kill him out of vengeance or in order to stop what was happening to the world? That's where we like Beatrix to be, in that gray space. That's the best part of her character, between hero and villain. 

We learn about Beatrix's sisters, who fans of the original will remember as the members of trio Trix. Will we meet them in season 3?

We haven't started talking about season 3 yet, but it is my intention very much that we will see the Trix. That's a core part of the cartoon that we always knew we'd see at some point in the show. I would say if we get a season 3, expect Icy and Darcy.

Musa gives her magic away and gets it back at the end of the season. Where is she in her struggle with her powers?

Musa ends in a point of transition because the last thing we see is Musa putting on magic bracelets, so she is not quite ready to embrace magic again. It's always been a burden to Musa, her mind magic. This was Musa trying to feel helpful and do something physical. If we're lucky enough to get a season 3, there are more steps on Musa's journey to becoming a whole person. Being a specialist and fighting is something that will now always be part of who she is. 

A storyline that was not as dramatic but very transformative is Riven's. How has this season, which includes his getting close to Musa, changed him?

For Riven, it's been a different season. Season 1, he was all tied up in his friendship with Sky and his relationship with Beatrix. Once Beatrix betrays him, he finds himself similar to Beatrix without purpose and without an anchor to the world until he saves Musa. Having seen her give up her magic to the scrapers, that's the start of a relationship between them that opens Riven's heart up a little. Finding Musa and being able to have a connection with her will further his journey. 

Fate The Winx Club Saga Season 2
Elisha Applebaum as Musa, Freddie Thorp as Riven
| Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix

Can you talk a bit about crafting Terra's coming out arc? 

It was all about Terra becoming a little more of a grown up. In season 2, she is starting to become more confident in who she is. Flora [Paulina Chávez] being on the show is super helpful for Terra because Flora knows exactly who she is, and for Terra to see it, shook her. I talked with Eliot about this in season 1 because we had been planning on this. For me, it was a bit of coming out wish fulfillment. I would have loved to have a big circle of friends to tell and hug me. It's one of my favorite stories. 

Flora makes a bold sacrifice to save her cousin, new friends, and her new community. What did her introduction add to the show and to fairies at the center of the series?

She's a romantic, and that's a nice perspective to have in suite. We talked a lot about Flora having lived on expeditions with her family, so she has more worldliness than the other characters. For Flora, it was about figuring out where she fits. In this tight circle of friends, we call [her] fearless Flora internally, and in season 3 we'll have to wrestle with what she went through, it was really traumatic. How is that going to affect her moving forward?

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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