Lloyd joins host Josh Gates for a four-part Expedition Unknown series that features appearances by Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson.
Credit: Brentwood Communications Int'l, Inc./Discovery+

Doc Brown finally invented something that worked — and now he's going to find it. All seven of them, actually.

Christopher Lloyd — who played mad genius Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy — is on a mission to locate the DeLorean DMC-12 that was transformed into a time machine in the beloved 1985 sci-fi adventure film. In the Discovery+ four-part series Expedition: Back to the Future, Lloyd teams up with Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates to track down the other versions of the dimension-busting car that made some serious s--- happen at the speed of 88 m.p.h., EW has learned.

As you may know, the main DeLorean rests at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, but as it turns out, the franchise used six other versions. So the duo head out on a quest for the perfect DeLorean time machine, which will be given to Lloyd's partner in time-hopping adventure, Michael J. Fox , to sell at auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Along the way — and the way includes L.A., Houston, New York, and Orlando — Gates and Lloyd cross paths with Back to the Future cast members including Fox, Lea Thompson, Donald Fullilove, James Tolkan, and Harry Waters Jr, as well as Bob Gale, who co-wrote the screenplay for Back to the Future with director Robert Zemeckis (and wrote Part II and Part III). They also chat up DeLorean experts, collectors, and Future superfans to learn more about the lore of the legendary ride.

All four episodes of Expedition: Back to the Future debut Mar. 15 on Discovery+. It's your density to watch the first promo above, which features Lloyd (in Doc's Hawaiian shirt!) and Gates cruising around in a DeLorean, with a special guest appearance from an unforgiving Mr. Strickland.

The Back to the Future cast reconvened virtually last year in a Reunited Apart panel hosted by Josh Gad.

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