What was harder for Lil Nas X, pole-dancing in the "Montero" video with thigh-high boots or thigh-length braids?

By Nick Romano
May 04, 2021 at 02:00 PM EDT

What was easier for Lil Nas X, pole-dancing down to Hell in the "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" music video with thigh-high boots or thigh-length braids? Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang wants to know.

As part of Entertainment Weekly's annual Pride Issue, our June cover stars — singer-rapper Lil Nas X, Pose star Mj Rodriguez, showrunner Lena Waithe, and SNL's Yang — asked their most burning questions of each other.

"Honestly, the boots made pole dancing so much easier," Lil Nas X says in response to Yang's question. "Because without 'em I was definitely bleeding in the middle of my legs."

Yang then wanted to know who, a person living or dead, would he want to give a lap dance to. Lil Nas X doesn't say because they are alive. Instead he offers this cheeky response: "I wouldn't want to make things awkward between us."

Rodriguez fielded questions from Lil Nas X and then asked questions of Waithe. Waithe, in turn, interacted with Yang.

Responding to Lil Nas X, Rodriguez says she hopes the legacy of Pose will "stand the test of time." She adds, "I hope that it lasts for many generations and that the show itself holds space for all of the cast members, including myself, so that we can keep doing the work that we need to do as actors."

Waithe, in response to Rodriguez, revealed she might have already wrote her next dream project and that it will deal with "fantasy" elements.

Yang, meanwhile, is obsessed with everything on SoundCloud. "And I mean everything," he says. "No one's bound by any rules or restrictions on SoundCloud... I know I sound pathetic as if I've just discovered what SoundCloud is, but there was a dark age with SoundCloud. I don't know if you guys remember."

Watch their questions and answers in the video above.

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