The team visits a silent monastery in the midseason premiere.

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How are David (Mike Colter), Kristen (Katja Herbers), and Ben (Aasif Mandvi) supposed to investigate a potential miracle without talking when asking questions and having conversations is part of their process? That's the question they face in Evil's midseason premiere, the highly-anticipated silent episode — and you can watch the first three minutes of it above.

Why can't the trio speak? Well, because the Vatican sent them to a silent monastery to examine the corpse of Father Thomas, whose body hasn't decayed in the year following his death. No one has uttered a word since the monastery was founded 130 years ago. Because this is television, it's almost guaranteed that will change at some point in the episode. The sneak peek above reveals what happens when the team first arrives at the abbey.

On Tuesday, co-creator Robert King, who wrote the episode with co-creator Michelle King, shared a fun and very Evil tease for "S Is for Silence" while promoting The Good Fight's season 5 finale. "[The episode] is about silencing the mind, devil cabinets, getting drunk with a nun, and a haunted tomb," the producer tweeted. "In other words, 2021!! We think you'll like it."

Despite recent events (read: avoiding a murder charge because she's white), Kristen will have some fun at the monastery because she spends a significant amount of the excursion inebriated.

"That episode was also so fun for me because I got to get very drunk again, which is one of my favorite things [to portray]," Herbers told EW in June. "Robert King actually directed that. And I know that it was a wish of [Robert King] to make a silent episode. It was quite, quite wonderful."

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Colter also had a great time shooting the challenging installment. "It was refreshing. At first I was like, 'Oh my God, wait a minute. What? Oh, geez.' Because as an actor, you're going, 'Oh, where's my dialogue?' But honestly, I've had the fortune to be able to have worked on things, whether it be a play or television or some film, something where I've had this experience [of] being able to tell stories without sound," he said, referencing the time he played Frankenstein's monster in a production of Frankenstein and couldn't speak for the first 20 minutes of the play. "But I think that's what's going to be great about this because we know the characters so well. I think we'll completely be really engaged by what we're seeing because it looks wonderful."

Evil returns Sunday on Paramount+.

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