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So many viewers grew up alongside iCarly and its characters that when it was announced Paramount+ would be reviving the beloved Nickelodeon series, fans were stoked to catch up with their old friends Carly, Freddie, and Spencer again.

Introductory details were revealed at Nick's upfronts in March, and star Miranda Cosgrove announced in May that the revival will premiere June 17. The actress also spoke with EW and spilled on what Carly is up to, and an official trailer gave us even more insight as to where all the characters are at, nearly 10 years later.

Nathan Kress (Freddie), Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), and Jerry Trainor (Spencer) will reprise their roles in the upcoming 'iCarly' revival series
| Credit: nickelodeon

Who's in the iCarly revival cast?

From the get-go, we've known that original stars Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay), and Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) will reprise their roles. The three reunited in January for a promo shoot and then got together to present at the Kids' Choice Awards.

As part of its upfronts on March 18, Nick also revealed the addition of two new cast members: Laci Mosley (Florida Girls) as Harper, Carly's roommate/best friend, and Jaidyn Triplett (The Affair, See) as Millicent, Freddie's snarky and social-media-savvy stepdaughter.

jaidyn triplett and Laci-Mosley Jaidyn triplett and Laci-Mosley
Jaidyn Triplett and Laci Mosley
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Speaking to EW in May, Cosgrove revealed that other returning characters include Freddie's mom (Mary Scheer), Carly's nemesis Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander), and stalker "iCarly" fan Nora Dershlit (Danielle Morrow).

Who won't appear in the new series?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Jennette McCurdy will appear in the revival. The performer, who portrayed Carly and Freddie's best friend Sam Puckett, recently said she quit acting and felt "unfulfilled" by roles she previously played.

McCurdy hasn't ruled out acting forever, as she said she's open to the right opportunities down the line. For now, though, it's safe to assume the sassy and spunky Sam won't be hugely featured in the new iCarly series.

There's also no word yet on the return of other popular iCarly characters like Gibby (Noah Munck), the trio's eccentric and oft-shirtless friend, and T-Bo (BooG!e), the kooky manager at the Groovy Smoothie.

What's the revival about?

The 13-episode season picks up nearly 10 years after the original show ended, and finds Carly, the original influencer, and her friends navigating work, love, and family in their 20s.

Cosgrove told EW that Carly, who's 26 in the pilot, has gone to college and is pretty successful. She hasn't hosted her web show "iCarly" in a long time and decides to start it up again in the pilot. Carly and Harper now live in the same apartment building that she and Spencer resided in years ago.

And speaking of Spencer, apparently the kooky artist "has become very wealthy" and he's made some renovations to the loft that fans of iCarly will be very familiar with. Recently, EW unveiled exclusive first-look set photos of Spencer's updated digs.

i-carly set exclusive
Credit: Nickelodeon
i-carly set exclusive
Credit: nickelodeon

Freddie hasn't been as lucky as his friends, Cosgrove also said. "He's gone through a couple divorces," she added, and moves back in with his mom in the same building as Carly and Spencer.

The original comedy, which ran from 2007 to 2012, followed the trio as they created a webcast for and about kids their age while grappling with everyday problems and adventures. The series finale left off with Carly departing for Italy with her father, Colonel Shay, and saying goodbye to her brother and friends. McCurdy would go on to star in a spin-off series, Sam & Cat, alongside VictoriousAriana Grande.

Who else is involved in iCarly ?

The new iCarly series is produced by Nickelodeon Studios and Awesomeness (To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Trinkets, PEN15). The pilot is written by Ali Schouten (Diary of a Future President, Champions), who serves as executive producer and showrunner, and Jay Kogen (School of Rock, The Simpsons, Frasier).

In February, it was reported that Kogen had stepped down as EP and co-showrunner due to creative differences with Cosgrove, who's also an EP.

Cosgrove is also an EP, while Trainor and Alissa Vradenburg serve as producers. The pilot is directed and executive produced by Phill Lewis (One Day at a Time, The Neighborhood), whom many audiences might also know as Mr. Moseby on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

When is the show coming out?

Production began the week of March 22, and the series is slated to premiere Thursday, June 17, on Paramount+.

Cosgrove revealed the premiere date on her birthday, May 14, with help from her castmates and a cake!

At the time of our interview that same week, Cosgrove said she was halfway through filming and didn't know how the last four or five episodes will play out. However, the actress and EP said she was clear on what kind of show she wants iCarly to be, especially since it took the team "a really long time to figure out."

"We really tried to make this show, along with the showrunner Ali, as much for the fans of the original as possible, because it's not really a kid show anymore," Cosgrove said. "It's mainly made for the people who watched when they were little, they're now more in their 20s."

What have trailers and teasers shown us about iCarly?

EW exclusively debuted the revival's official trailer on June 1, and it features Carly restarting her web show with help from Freddie and Spencer, though it involves her brother doing some humiliating stunts, to his chagrin.

The clip also shows Carly and Freddie exploring the dating world, and it doesn't look like they're having too much success. Freddie's mom interrupts right as he's talking to his prospective date (Erin Mulvey) and later, Carly has bad luck of her own, when the date Harper sets her up with (Rushi Kota) gurgles loudly in public.

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