The new season is all about a killer frump who wants to join an exclusive garden club.

Why Women Kill

Murder has a new season on Paramount+.

Ten more episodes of Why Women Kill are coming from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, who assembled a new group of women that may or may not be on the brink of death for being so perfect. Here, Cherry explains what to expect from season 2 of the dark comedy, starring Allison Tolman, Lana Parrilla, B.K. Cannon, Jordane Christie, Matthew Daddario, Veronica Falcón, and Nick Frost.

Cherry has been sitting on a season 2 idea since pitching the first one, which starred Ginnifer Goodwin and Lucy Liu.

"I had two different ideas when I first pitched the show," Cherry says. "I had season 2 in my back pocket. I was watching a movie, which I thought was really good, about a serial killer, but the third act wasn't. They introduced a character ever so briefly of this serial killer's wife. I thought, I want to see a storyline from her point of view. I started coming up with this idea of a woman who feels powerless and unseen in the world and very much wants to sit at the cool kids' table. As luck would have it, she finds out that for all her feeling powerless in the world, she has a very powerful tool at her disposal."

Why Women Kill
Allison Tolman in 'Why Women Kill' season 2
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Like what happened in the first season, Cherry turned season 2 into a period piece. The action takes place in '40s suburbia and revolves around Alma (Tolman), a zaftig "frump" who sets her sights on joining an exclusive garden club for well-heeled ladies.

"The whole series starts with a woman whose biggest dream is to be a part of an exclusive garden club filled with all these beautiful stylish women in her community," he says. "I thought that dream would seem real and important for a certain kind of woman. I chose postwar America because of where women were at that time. Women, the Rosie the Riveters, had retreated to their homes while their husbands resumed their lives. And also, I love the clothes of the period. The themes of my characters have to do with beauty and how they feel about themselves. If you think you have beauty, how do you behave?"

The most prominent threat — or should we say target? — in the garden club is Rita (Parrilla).

"Rita and Alma have moments where you think they're going to be friends, but then [SPOILER ALERT! We won't reveal what happens], so she becomes her sworn enemy," Cherry explains. "Rita, who takes a swipe at Alma, doesn't understand that Alma has a horrible tool at her disposal. The interesting trajectory of the series is how Alma gains power and confidence and starts to become more and more beautiful and stylish."

Cherry wanted to cast an alum of Desperate Housewives to play Rita.

"I wrote the part for my good friend Eva Longoria, but by the time we were doing it she was going to start directing a movie," he says. "It was Eva who said, 'Marc, do you know the work of my friend of Lana Parrilla?' Eva hooked us up."

The body count is definitely up this season.

"There's a little bit more murder throughout," Cherry teases. "I never know how many people I'll kill any given season, but clearly I'm very dangerous."

Season 2 of Why Women Kill will premiere with two episodes Thursday, June 3, on Paramount+. The 10-episode arc will stream weekly on subsequent Thursdays.

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