The camera zooms in on Hunter Schafer's eye as her character Jules recalls her relationship with Rue (Zendaya) on HBO's 'Euphoria.'
| Credit: HBO

After more than a year of waiting, and one delightful Emmy upset, Euphoria is finally back with a new episode.

On Monday, HBO dropped the trailer for the special "Rue" episode airing this weekend. It will be one of two episodes shot during the pandemic, meant to tide fans over until the cast and crew can complete season 2 as originally planned before COVID lockdown.

In the clip, we see this year's Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy winner Zendaya back as Rue, sitting in a diner as Otis Redding's "Cigarettes And Coffee" plays. As several shots show her contemplating what could have been, the trailer shows flashbacks of the season one finale where Rue chose not to run away with Jules (Hunter Schafer), and was left feeling abandoned and driven to relapse.

The trailer ends with Rue's sponsor, played by Colman Domingo, snapping her out of it, asking her, "Why'd you call me?"

For those who forgot the mysterious means by which the Euphoria finale ended, Rue's relapse lead into a surreal original musical number suggesting Rue might've possibly overdosed again.

Given how in the trailer Rue is wearing the same clothes she wore at the very end of season one, it doesn't look like this is a definitive answer as to whether or not Rue is still alive.

Who knows if the new episode will have answers about Rue's fate, but Euphoria's "Rue" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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