Comedy legends came together virtually to celebrate one of their own as Eugene Levy was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Newport Beach Film Festival.

While his friends, costars, and loved ones couldn't celebrate with him in person due to the coronavirus, they still honored the funnyman with heartfelt words via video, including, of course, some light roasting.

"What an honor it is for me to not be there tonight, to be able to tribute you and not really have to do much or go anywhere and just stay home, is such a thrill," joked Levy's friend and Father of the Bride costar Steve Martin.

"Eugene is like family to me, in that we often eat dinner in total silence," his longtime friend Martin Short quipped.

The tribute was equally heartfelt, with Levy, who was filmed reacting to the messages, tearing up as his friends and family honored his life's work.

"You set a bar for everyone that you work with," said his son, Dan Levy, with whom he co-created Schitt's Creek. "You are incredibly professional, you are incredibly kind, and you have been such a role model for me, just in terms of how to be good generally, and good at your job."

Levy's other family, including his daughter Sarah Levy, as well as his on-screen kids Annie Murphy and Jason Biggs, all spoke to how respectful and kind the performer is to everyone on set.

"He really is everyone's dad," added Emily Hampshire, who starred alongside Levy in Schitt's Creek. "Sweetest, kindest, longest-talking dad."

Watch the whole video above to see Levy's reaction to the sweet words, and to catch appearances from his Schitt's Creek castmates including Catherine O'Hara and Chris Elliott, as well as past collaborators like Jennifer Coolidge and Andrea Martin.

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