Pastries, vineyards poop spray?

The cast of Netflix's Emily in Paris gave us the rundown from A-Z of their new rom-com series, with some surprising results. Lily Collins (who plays the titular Emily), Lucas Bravo (Emily's love interest and chef Gabriel) and Ashley Park (Emily's new bestie Mindy) ran through the alphabet, sharing insights to the show with each letter. Some were as to be expected: B is for bread, C is for chateau, and so on, but when Bravo got to the letter F, he had an unusual story to tell. "F is for fake poop spray," he shared. "In the show, Emily steps into dog poop and the set decorator had a dog poop spray which I didn't know existed." According to Bravo, the cast had fun spraying fake poops around the set that day. "It was childish, but very funny."

The Darren Star-produced series follows Emily as she moves to the French capital to take up a position at a luxury marketing firm and tries to navigate Parisian life — and all the pastries and attractive men that come along with it.

Emily in Paris is available to stream on Netflix now. Watch the cast's A-Z above.

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