Even Muppet parents are having a hard time during this quarantine.

In a recent Sesame Street PSA, Elmo's dad Louie encouraged fellow parents to take time for themselves, given that they're with their kids 24/7 while at home during this crazy time.

The video begins with the very relatable scenario of Elmo demanding to make a pillow fort offscreen before Louie tells him to hang on a second.

"You know it's wonderful to get to spend so much time with our children, but it can also be a bit overwhelming," Louie says with a heavy sigh. "But I just wanted to say, parents, you are doing an amazing job. Remember though, it's important to take some time for yourself, you know, take care of you."

He suggests activities like listening to your favorite song, stretching, or just taking "a moment to breathe." Louie then walks the audience through a breathing exercise by taking deep breaths in and out.

"We are all doing the best we can and that is okay. No no -- it's better than okay," Louie says, before going to help his son with his fort. "You hang in there and keep up the great work."

Although Elmo has been a Sesame Street staple for decades, we only first met Louie in 2006 in the direct-to-video Sesame Beginnings series. The saxophone-playing military veteran then began making recurring appearances on the famed PBS program in season 47 in 2017.

Sesame Street is offering resources for the whole family on its site, while other organizations like IMDb are also giving their picks for the best films to educate and entertain kidsHidden Figures, School of Rock, Won't You Be My Neighbor, and more made the list.

For more tips on how to keep kids (and parents) entertained while at home, EW has recommendations for family-friendly movies like Fantasia and Paddington, as well as screen-time options that won't melt your brains.

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