The longest-running primetime medical drama may continue – or not. Ellen Pompeo and the writers have simply not decided!

In a Feb. 28 interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Pompeo, 51, admitted that no decision has been made about whether to continue Grey's Anatomy for an 18th season. "We honestly have not decided. We are really trying to figure it out right now," she told CBS' Tracy Smith. "What story do we tell to end a show this iconic? How do we do it? I just want to make sure we do this character, and this show, the fans ... I want to make sure we do it right."

Pompeo's contract on the ABC drama is up at the end of this season, which has her character, Meredith, suffering from COVID-19. Her illness has paved the way for two big homecomings on Grey's Anatomy -- the return of Patrick Dempsey as Derek and T.R. Knight as George, both of whom appeared in dream sequences.

During the interview, Pompeo also talked about her childhood growing up in a working-class Boston neighborhood and how she was quite sad. The actress lost her mom when she was 4.

"It made me want to get out of there," Pompeo recalled. "I found a way to monetize my emotions."

Earning roughly $20 million a year, Pompeo is now the highest-paid actress in primetime TV. "In my specific instance, I had a very specific number that I [could] see what Grey's Anatomy has generated," she shared. "I can see exactly how much that show makes for one of the largest corporations in the world."

Season 17 of Grey's Anatomy resumes March 11 on ABC.

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