"I would actually watch that show," DeGeneres said on her actual talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres already knows what Jason Sudeikis' follow-up to Ted Lasso should be.

On Thursday's episode of her talk show, the host reacted to the "Mellen" sketch from last weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, which featured Sudeikis as "Mellen, the male Ellen" in a hyper-masculine version of DeGeneres' daytime show. (Features include "awkward male dancing," guests like Jake Paul and "heroic psychopath" Conor McGregor, and audience giveaways of wet towels to whip each other with.)

On her show, DeGeneres recalled watching the sketch live on SNL with her wife Portia de Rossi ("We were trying to get rid of this wine that was stuck in a bottle"), and said they found it "hilarious."

Ellen Degeneres, Jason Sudeikis
Ellen Degeneres, Jason Sudeikis as 'Mellen' on 'Saturday Night Live'
| Credit: James Devaney/GC Images; Will Heath/NBC

"I would actually watch that show," she added. "That's a show I would watch. You know, we should do that. After we finish this season, we should do a show like that. I loved it. I'm flattered by that."

She also shouted out SNL's resident DeGeneres impersonator, Kate McKinnon, showing clips of the comedian performing the impression on DeGeneres' show in the past.

As DeGeneres alluded to, her talk show will end after its current 19th season, a decision that came in the wake of a 2020 BuzzFeed News article that detailed allegations of a toxic work environment on the set. However, the host has said that she "always knew in my heart that season 19 would be my last" and that "My instinct told me it's time."

In any case, DeGeneres seems very on board for a real-life Mellen once both her and Sudeikis' schedules open up.

"Jason, when you're done with Ted Lasso, we should do this show," she said. "And if you're a studio executive, you know what they say, when you have an Ellen, make Mellen."

SNL returns Nov. 6 with Succession star Kieran Culkin hosting.

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