Rutherford Falls hits Peacock next month.

By Omar Sanchez
March 16, 2021 at 02:45 PM EDT

Rutherford Falls (TV Show)

Having a statue of a relative in the town you live in would usually give ultimate bragging rights, but in Ed Helms' new comedy Rutherford Falls, it's about to cause an uproar.

The trailer for the upcoming Peacock show (below) dropped on Tuesday, and plenty of hijinks ensue. Set to premiere April 22, Rutherford Falls follows Helms as Nathan Rutherford, the steward to the family legacy in a small town in upstate New York who is riding high on his own navel-gazing supply. That's until the city's mayor and its citizens ask for the removal of the statue of "Big Larry," who just happens to be the town's local legend...and in Rutherford's bloodline.

The city's desire to recognize the Indigenous people who have been negatively impacted by people like "Big Larry" comes to head with Rutherford's desire to preserve history and save face. "It's history Deirdre, and you can't change history. Unless you have a time machine," Helms' Rutherford tells the mayor in the trailer.

Helms' Rutherford is accompanied by best friend Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), who is looking to revamp the town's underfunded cultural center, which is inside the local casino. Dustin Milligan (Schitt's Creek) plays a podcast journalist who's looking to uncover the story that's brewing between the town's history versus the history it parades around to tourists.

"There's something happening in that town," Milligan says in the trailer.

Rutherford Falls
Ed Helms in 'Rutherford Falls'
| Credit: Peacock

Rutherford Falls is set to be a breakthrough for Native representation in comedy television. Schmieding represents the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux tribe and costar Michael Greyeyes is Nêhiyaw from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. The comedy will also have one of the largest Indigenous' writers rooms on television, which includes co-creator and executive producer Sierra Teller Ornelas (Navajo), Bobby Wilson (Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota), Tai Leclaire (Kanien'kehá:ka [Mohawk Nation]/Mi'kmaq), Jana Schmieding (Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux), and Tazbah Chavez (Nüümü [Bishop Paiute Tribe], Diné [Navajo], San Carlos Apache).

Rutherford Falls is produced by co-creators and executive producers Michael Schur (The Good Place), Helms and Sierra Teller Ornelas (Superstore). Mike Falbo, David Miner, and Morgan Sackett also serve as executive producers.

Watch the trailer for Rutherford Falls above.

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