Dwayne Johnson may be considered one of Hollywood's most popular movie stars, but when it comes to his coolness factor, he's no match for Jason Momoa's Aquaman.

While visiting NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new Jungle Cruise movie, Johnson brought up his three-year-old daughter's obsession with Momoa's superhero alter ego. After showing the video that Johnson had previously shared on Instagram a few months ago, where Johnson asks who between him and Aquaman is cooler, Fallon pointed out that Tia doesn't even let her dad finish asking the question before she gives her answer.

"She jumped right on that, which is great for the ego," Johnson joked, before getting serious about celebrity culture and admitting "you never know who's nice and who's kind until you met them or really until little children are involved. I've known Jason for a very long time now, I'm very proud of his career and all the things he's been doing."

Dwayne Johnson; Aquaman
Dwayne Johnson, left, and Jason Momoa in 'Aquaman.'
| Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage; Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

Like any good dad, Johnson took it upon himself to make his daughter's dreams come true and called up Momoa, asking if he could send her some birthday wishes. His friend more than came through, sending a video for Tia as well as one for Johnson's second daughter Jazzy, inviting them (as Aquaman) to Hawaii so they could swim together and go rock climbing.

"He made all these promises that made me look bad, Jimmy!" Johnson bemoaned.

Momoa may be a favorite in The Rock's household for now, but Aquaman might have some competition coming as Johnson just wrapped a DC superhero movie of his own. The Hobbs & Shaw star officially finished filming Black Adam last week, commemorating the moment in a passionate Instagram post that included a video of his on-set speech.

"You get one shot at hopefully creating something that's definitive in the world of superheroes and comic book lore and mythology and so I really put in the work," Johnson told Fallon of his two years of training for the role.

Watch the video below.

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