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DuckTales (2017 TV series)

Life is like a hurricane in Duckburg, but all storms come to an end eventually. EW has confirmed that the currently airing third season of DuckTales will be the show's last.

"The talented creative team, led by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, have delivered exceptional storytelling with uniquely reimagined characters for three seasons of 75 episodes and more than 15 shorts," Disney representatives said in a statement. "While physical production is wrapping, DuckTales continues to be available daily on Disney Channels and Disney+ around the world and fans will get an epic season finale in 2021."

This modern incarnation of DuckTales premiered on Disney XD in 2017. It began as a reboot of the '80s cartoon of the same name but soon outgrew its predecessor in hilarity, inventiveness, and scope. Season 3, for example, has incorporated other Disney Afternoon shows of different genres through brilliant meta storytelling: In one episode the DuckTales characters got trapped in the sitcom world of Quack Pack via a genie wish, and in another a mad scientist pulled Darkwing Duck characters out of a multiversal portal to pit against the heroes.

"The new DuckTales is better than the original show. Funnier, more ambitious," EW TV critic Darren Franich wrote shortly after the show's 2017 launch. "This new DuckTales has rediscovered the old magic, but also broken new ground."

It's a bittersweet day for Duck fans everywhere. But there are still several season 3 episodes left to air in the new year, and the first two seasons are available for streaming on Disney+ for anyone who hasn't yet watched.

Collider first reported the cancellation.

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DuckTales (2017 TV series)
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