Here's one way to spice up a cooking segment.

Cooking segments are a staple of morning and daytime television, as telegenic chefs make picture-perfect looking dishes in a seemingly impossible short amount of time. But that's not why you watch cooking segments on The Drew Barrymore Show. You watch cooking segments on The Drew Barrymore Show to see the host spin around the kitchen with her butt in a giant metal mixing bowl.

As least that's what viewers were treated to on Thursday's episode when Drew Barrymore welcomed model turned chef turned Did You Eat That? author Ronnie Woo — who posts a lot of shirtless pictures of himself eating on Instagram — to the show.

After helping Woo make his "Fugly delicious breakfast tacos," Drew had to cut to a commercial break, noting: "Let's get this going quickly so I can get this in my mouth." When they returned, Barrymore did indeed start putting things in her mouth, but it was another body part that stole the show.

The host asked Woo about the one kitchen tool he could not live without, to which he responded, "A giant metal mixing bowl." Then, while grabbing his own rear cheeks firmly, Woo added. "I always say, is it bigger than your butt? Then, it's the correct size."

The segment could have ended right there. And on most shows, it would have. But this is not most shows. This is The Drew Barrymore Show.

The Drew Barrymore Show
Drew Barrymore and Ronnie Woo on 'The Drew Barrymore Show'
| Credit: CBS

Deciding to take the measuring strategy to heart, Drew than grabbed the mixing bowl and fit it snuggly over her posterior while Woo asked, "Is it bigger than your butt?" The guest then started beating the bowl like a drum while inquiring, "Can I do that?" ON THIS SHOW, YOU CAN!

"It's perfect!" announced the host. Again, the segment could have been done there. Probably should have been. But Barrymore then proceeded to grab the giant metal mixing bowl back from Woo again to start mimicking tossing what we can only assume was a big salad, before, yes, spinning around the stage multiple times with the bowl once again affixed to her backside.

We're not sure how such kitchen shenanigans would play in a workplace such as, say, The Bear, but it is what gives The Drew Barrymore Show that certain je ne sais quoi.

The episode finally ended with Barrymore — who also announced "I love cilantro. I know it's polarizing" — and Woo taste-testing ranch flavored ice cream with Corn Kid.

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