A fan-favorite queen 'BenDeLaCreme'd' herself from Drag Race UK.

By Joey Nolfi
February 04, 2021 at 03:26 PM EST

Warning! This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 2. Read ahead at your own risk.

Ginny Lemon just left RuPaul's Drag Race UK shaken and stirred.

The quirky, fan-favorite queen — whose powerful discussion of their nonbinary identity had an emotional impact on the Drag Race family last week — made a shocking exit at the end of Thursday's episode, walking off the set and refusing to lip-sync for their life after landing in the bottom two.

After the judges critiqued their "one-note" and "manic" performance as an Australian weather girl in the Morning Glory improv challenge, Lemon landed in the bottom two against their close friend, Sister Sister, who shared an emotional moment with Lemon in the Werk Room prior to hitting the runway in Monster Mash-Up couture.

"I'm absolutely devastated that the judges aren't getting what I'm giving," Lemon later said in a confessional. "I can feel myself checking out. Ginny's closed for business today."

Mama Ru proceeded to tee up the lip-sync — set to Kim Wilde's "Keep Me Hangin' On" — which began with Lemon tilting their head upward. They then strutted to the center of the stage, walked back up the runway, and turned to face the judges before chuckling and walking off. Sister Sister then finished the lip-sync by herself.

"She BenDeLaCreme'd herself" fellow competitor Tayce quipped in a confessional, while judge Michelle Visage interrupted the performance to ask her co-panelists: "What just happened?"

As they wrote their lipstick message back in the Werk Room, Lemon explained: "I was up against my sister, Sister. And I couldn't. I love her too much. I'm ready to go home now, because I'm knackered. I would've regretted it if I tried to fight against something that I didn't want to fight against. I don't think I've tapped out of the competition and I don't think it's disrespectful. I did it for me."

Lemon, a Worcester native who previously appeared on the beloved British competition series The X Factor in 2017, appeared to be rising through the ranks of season 2, with their unique style and unorthodox approach to fashion rubbing fans the right way — even if the judges didn't always praise their taste. In a heart-wrenching moment during last week's episode, Lemon opened up about their struggle with self-acceptance, ultimately breaking down in the Werk Room (and on the main stage) about their confidence.

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