See episode 7's first act here, featuring the fan-favorite reading challenge and some savage burns!

The Diva Decimal Sis-tem is fully functional in EW's exclusive RuPaul's Drag Race preview.

With bedazzled spectacles in tow, Mama RuPaul opens the season 13 library for the fan-favorite reading challenge at the top of the video — which includes the first nine minutes of the upcoming episode 7 — and the queens go in on each other harder than the judges did on the Lala Ri's now-iconic paper bag dress.

Fundamental reads from the season 13 reading challenge include standouts like:

  • "Olivia, your teeth are whiter than Utica and Gottmik trying to twerk to disco." — Denali
  • "Utica, bitch, you're f---ing weird. RuPaul could walk up in here in cargo shorts and I would still vote you the most confusing thing in the room." — Gottmik
  • "Kandy Muse, it is so amazing how we represent such different communities here: Gay, trans, pug!" — Gottmik
  • "Tinta Burnter, how much Tina have you actually burned, bitch?" — Symone
  • "When I think of Rosé, I think of expensive, beautiful champagne, but when I look at you I think of tap water." — Lala Ri

Then, for the grand finale, Elliott with 2 Ts tries to land a joke with a prop, telling Kandy Muse she can be "super mad" and "fly" out of the Werk Room as she drops a red cape on the floor. Crickets, cue Trinity The Tuck saying, "Where. Are. The jokes?" etc.

Gottmik closes the library as the challenge winner before RuPaul announces this week's maxi challenge: Ross Mathews' hilarious talk show — which debuted on a similar challenge on season 10 and birthed Miz Cracker as a giant pickle — has been renewed for a second season, and the season 13 queens must navigate another improvised round of bonkers segments on Bossy Rossy: After Dark.

Paired for the challenge are: Rosé, Lala Ri, and Denali, who will perform a segment called "I'm Pregnant With My Imaginary Boyfriend's Baby"; Gottmik, Utica, and Olivia in "Breaking My Silence: Escape From the Cult of Mime-ology"; Symone and Kandy Muse in "Former Teen QUeens: Where Are They Now?" and Tina Burner and Elliott with 2 Ts fronting "My Best Friend's 600-pound Ass Is Killing Our Friendship."

Sounds exciting? Not for Tina.

"I'm really excited about an improv challenge, but, Jesus be a biscuit. Elliott is my partner!" she jokes.

See how the queens fare on the Bossy Rossy set when RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 returns Friday at 8:00 p.m. on VH1. Until then, watch the opening act's first nine minutes in EW's exclusive clip above.

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