Will this time traveler who doesn't even remember who she is be a help or a hindrance to the misfit superhero team?
Doom Patrol
Credit: Bob Mahoney/HBO

Doom Patrol is bringing in some new faces for season 3. Foremost among them is Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who), who will be portraying Madame Rouge. Following EW's first look at her last week, you can now see Gomez in action in the latest trailer for Doom Patrol season 3.

"I came here because something very big is set to occur, and it needs to be stopped," Madame Rouge tells the superpowered misfits of the Doom Patrol after arriving in her drill-based time machine.

What exactly the threat is seems up for debate. Rita (April Bowlby) assumes it must be the Brotherhood of Evil — the antagonists from the classic Doom Patrol comics by creator Arnold Drake and Bob Haney — and we do a get a glimpse of classic Brotherhood characters Monsieur Mallah and the Brain. But Madame Rouge asserts that the threat is actually a new group called the Sisterhood of Dada, and she doesn't just want the Doom Patrol to stop them; she wants them killed.

The Doom Patrol doesn't like killing, but they also have a lot going on; several of them seem to be dangerously high on unknown drugs in this trailer. So strap in for season 3 to premiere on HBO Max on Sept. 23. Watch the new trailer above.

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