The Marvel star confirmed that the age-related exchange was all in good fun.

Don Cheadle is coming to the defense of his friend Kevin Hart after an interview on Hart's Peacock talk show last week.

During a somewhat serious conversation about generational wealth, Hart appeared to insult Cheadle when he casually mentioned his age (56) by exclaiming, "Damn!" in a seemingly rude way. Cheadle's reaction was one of shocked hurt and irritation and the video immediately went viral, with many calling out Hart for being insensitive and rude.

Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle
Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle
| Credit: Peacock

On Monday, the Avengers actor took to Twitter to speak out about the exchange and set the record straight.

"EVERYBODY, please watch the entire episode," Cheadle wrote, responding to a fan who called out Hart and tried to come to Cheadle's defense. "On top of understanding that this is just how we play it's a really good one, I think. The first question he asks me is, "drugs; do you do them?" In the parking lot I said he looked like a black-o-lantern in that suit. It's just us," the actor continued, adding two laughing emoji faces.

Hart previously posted on his own Instagram page, sharing a photo of the two ahead of the episode's airing and confirming that any awkward moment was just him and Cheadle doing what they do best: "being a--holes to one another." He also made sure to mention at the top of the episode that he and Cheadle have a 20-year long friendship — which means fans should expect some comfort between them when it comes to jokes, even if it's at each other's expense.

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