Hailee Steinfeld's young Emily Dickinson remains 'extra' and struggles with the allure of fame in season 2 of Dickinson.

Dickinson, Apple TV+'s Peabody Award-winning period dramedy, left us soaking wet, out of breath, and helplessly disoriented when it ended last year — you know, like a classic Dickinson party. In the wake of her best-friend Sue (Ella Hunt) marrying her brother Austin (Adrian Blake Enscoe), Hailee Steinfeld's Emily Dickinson defiantly threw herself into her craft and promised to compose "the greatest poems ever written" in the season 1 finale. 'Twas a thrilling end to a fun, confident, and weird inaugural season. And now on Steinfeld's birthday — and a day after the real Emily Dickinson's Dec. 10 birthday — the season 2 trailer has arrived to show us how the brilliant poet's efforts are going when the idiosyncratic show returns in 2021.

The new 10-episode season pushes Emily out of her comfort zone. Tired of being the only one who reads her work, Sue introduces Emily to Sam Bowles (Iron Fist's Finn Jones), a newspaper editor — and potential love interest, based on those steamy shots — who wants publish Emily's poems. This is what she longed for in season 1, but now that the opportunity is actually here, she's conflicted. Is she ready to abandon her private life and become famous?

"I don't want to disappear from this earth without anybody knowing who I am," Emily tells Sue at one point. But then at the end of the trailer, she says, "Part of me is sure fame isn't good for me. In fact, I think it could be very dangerous."

It's quite a pickle! In fact, it's one that Steinfeld herself has often thought about given that she's been in the public eye since she was a teenager. "I've never done what I do for fame, and it's a very strange concept. To be able to dig into it through this funhouse mirror, there were moments where I had to be reminded of what was going on because I felt the parallels were merging too close together," the Hawkeye actress told Vulture in July. "I was very confused at times, and the benefit of that is that Emily is genuinely very confused at the beginning of season 2, trying to figure out what she wants."

The rest of the trailer teases Sue's transformation into a 19th century influencer, more delightfully anachronistic dancing, Wiz Khalifa's return as Death, and Emily just being "extra."

Watch the trailer above.

Created by Alena Smith, Dickinson also stars Jane Krakowski, Anna Baryshnikov, and Toby Huss. Season 2 guest-stars include: Nick Kroll (Big Mouth) as Edgar Allan Poe, Timothy Simons (Veep) as Frederick Law Olmsted, Ayo Edebiri (Big Mouth) as Hattie, Will Pullen (The Americans) as Nobody, and Pico Alexander (Catch-22) as Henry 'Ship' Shipley.

Dickinson season 2 premiere Jan. 8 with three episodes, with new installments arriving every Friday thereafter.

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