Deputy is turning in its badge.

Fox has canceled the freshman drama that starred Stephen Dorff has a fifth-generation law dog who takes over as sheriff for Los Angeles County. The series was described as a modern-day western from director/executive producer David Ayer (Training Day).

It wasn't the production shut down that killed the cowboy sheriff, though – it was old-fashioned low ratings. The series only averaged 3.66 million viewers during its 13-episode run that ended on March 26. It was supposed to be a big splashy broadcast lead for Dorff, who was cast in the drama after his well-received turn as Det. Roland West on the HBO anthology’s third season True Detective. In fact, the actor was in such high demand last development season that he reportedly earned north of $250,000 (plus exec producer fees), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Credit: Warrick Page/HBO

"I wasn’t really thinking I was going to do a network show after coming from such a creative cable experience, but then David Ayer kept popping up," Dorff told EW back in January. "I was attracted to David Ayer in the sense that I’ve liked his movies — Fury and End of Watch — and I thought, he’s a really good director and maybe in this day and age it doesn’t really matter, there’s 9 million places with content to watch, so you’ve got to start with character and director, and whether it’s Hulu or Quibi or this one or that one, who gives a s— that it’s on network? It’s going to reach more people if we make something good.”

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