By Dalton Ross
June 17, 2020 at 02:01 PM EDT

There’s early Oscar buzz surrounding Delroy Lindo for his searing portrait of a troubled Vietnam vet who returns to the country decades later looking for treasure and the remains of his former friend in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods. But fans of Lindo’s work on The Good Fight have been buzzing for another reason.

Lindo had planned to leave the CBS All Access legal series at the end of its fourth season this spring to headline ABC’s family restaurant drama Harlem’s Kitchen, but season 4 of The Good Fight was never completed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with only 7 of the 10 episodes being filmed. With the shortened season, and Lindo now off to ABC, his character of Adrian Boseman never got a proper send-off — or, really, any send-off, for that matter.

So will Lindo ever get a chance to send his character off in style? We asked the actor exactly that when he called into EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109). “There’s talk,” says the departing star about wrapping up his character’s journey. “I’ve spoken with the producers, the Kings, Michelle and Robert King. Even before I left this past season, we were talking about how I could possibly come back and complete that arc.”

Credit: Patrick Harbron/CBS

Lindo is not the only Good Fight cast member whose character was left hanging due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Cush Jumbo is also leaving the program, meaning Lucca Quinn’s departure was also never filmed before production shut down on season 4.

As for Lindo, the actor reveals he actually was just in touch with the Kings again. “I actually just got an email from Robert yesterday because he saw the film, he saw Bloods,” Lindo says. “Michelle had seen it on the weekend. So I’ve recently been in touch with them, but we’re not speaking specifically about how it can happen, but we have broadly spoken about my coming back and completing my arc. So I would not be surprised if at some point I do come back and complete the storyline.”

So while it seems as if no concrete plans have been made as of yet to bring Lindo back, the plan is to try to find a way to make it happen, as Lindo says, “at some point.” As for the future of the character, just before The Good Fight signed off prematurely, Adrian was asked by the Democratic National Committee to seek a run at the presidency, which could be the groundwork for Adrian leaving both the firm and the series. For a show that has tackled politics and the Trump presidency more than any other scripted program, is a flash-forward to Adrian Boseman as commander-in-chief really that off the wall?

“On some level, it’s a tantalizing prospect,” says Lindo with a laugh. "But on the other hand…. You know what? I don’t know what Robert and Michelle have in mind. We’ll come up with something, and hopefully it will be something that is satisfying for all of us.” And hopefully it will involve Lindo back on the show at least one more time.

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