Warning: This article contains spoilers for the May 24 season finale of Debris.

Debris saved its biggest twists for the season finale.

Not only did the season's final hour reveal that George (Tyrone Benskin) has been working with Influx, but it left viewers with a couple of cliffhangers for Finola (Riann Steele) and Bryan (Jonathan Tucker). First, there was Bryan being able to resist the debris and being identified as "the third man," whatever that means. Then, there was… another Finola?!

EW spoke with show creator J.H. Wyman about the twists and what comes next if the show gets renewed for a second season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where did the idea for this show come from?

J.H. WYMAN: I've been circling the area for a long time because I love the idea of extraterrestrial things and the concept that we're not alone. I feel as an artist that the world is really cynical right now, for good reason, and it was really important to me to try and find a platform to get out what I'm trying to say: That it's easy to be cynical but it's really hard to maintain hope. I'm not the guy to do little green men. There's so many people that do that better than me. I wanted to think about how I could bring the extraterrestrial here without being so obvious about it, and bring the wonder and the technology of what these things are and the concept that we're not alone here. For me the better the science fiction is, the more it's about the human condition. The idea really allowed me to tell stories in a way that talks about the outrageous things that one would expect from an extraterrestrial concept show but really bring it home to hold up mirrors to ourselves and allow us to experience the wonderment.

Jonathan Tucker told me that when he joined, you told him the ending of this season but also of the series, so it's safe to say you know where you're going with this story?

I do. I told him the last line of the first season and then the last line of the series. A lot of people are really good at sort of making it up as they go along. I tend to work in metaphors, so I need to know where I'm going in order to tell the metaphor. For this one, I thought it was really important to know where I'm going. It's really easy to write a great teaser that blows people's minds, but where's it going and what's it about? I feel there's a fatigue out there, I'm speaking as a fan myself, that there's a fatigue of "I never get an answer." I really have mapped it out. It's an ongoing saga that's really important to me, and hopefully we'll have the ability to tell more of it.

Tyrone Benskin, Jonathan Tucker, and Riann Steele on 'Debris'
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The finale revealed George has been working with Influx. If we get a season 2, are we looking at George and Finola being on opposing sides of things?

Yes. The first season's all about trying to save him, trying to bring him back, trying to understand. The next season, as far as their relationship is concerned, is all about trying to bring him down. I looked at this first season as an origin story to make you think, "I know what kind of show this is, a piece of debris falls every week and there's some emotional story that goes with it." But that was just the point of entry. A large part of it is what he plans on doing with this debris now that he's got enough. What is that plan, and how are they going to stop it? Or can they?

It also brings up the question of: Are Influx the bad guys? Certainly what they're doing is dangerous, but who's right here?

There's a method to Influx's goals that is not okay, but there's a lot of gray area too. I've had a lot of people talk to me about how they sort of identify with Influx in some ways, and that was my goal. Influx is using the debris and interpreting it a certain way, and Orbital is starting to learn about the debris and interpreting it a certain way, but we left one part out and that is the debris and what are its intentions and what can it be?

Let's talk about the reveal that Bryan is "the third man." Obviously he knew about the accident and his injections, but it still seemed like this was partly news to him. Are we going to be finding out more alongside him?

Yes. We met Garcia, and we saw he had some very intense attributes because of the accident with the debris. Agent Ming is a mysterious character who will make an appearance, and we'll understand who he is. And that's going to really unfold into what happens. That's a large part of where we're going, for sure.

I know you can't give away much about the final Finola reveal, so I'll ask you this way: Should I be asking: "Is that the real Finola?"

Yeah, I was hoping people would say, "Is it a clone? Is it from another reality? Is it something else altogether? What is it?" I can't wait to come back and find out, like, if there's a Finola, where's Bryan? Where's another Bryan? It's also the idea that Brill [Sebastian Roché] knows much more than everyone, he's legitimately more knowledgable than anyone we've met so far about what's going on. Those are the questions you're supposed to ask and find out where this entity is from.

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