Jonathan Tucker is settling into his new leading man status. On NBC's Debris, Tucker plays Bryan Beneventi, a CIA operative who, paired with MI6 operative Finola Jones (Riann Steele), is tasked with finding scattered pieces of an alien spacecraft and figuring out how said pieces are affecting Earth and its inhabitants. "I think a previous version of me would've been scared of this show because I wasn't jumping from one cool thing to the next," says Tucker. "This could be a bit of a home for me for a little bit and I'm totally open to that and excited about it."

For Tucker, the show is a foray into the world of network television, sci-fi, and of playing a fairly normal guy. "One of the things that I was wrestling with when talking to [creator J.H. Wyman] about taking on the project was, this is a character that's a lot closer to me than some of the other characters I've been lucky enough to play and finding a comfort in that, finding a comfort in network primetime and in sci-fi. I feel very comfortable in it now. I think the possibilities that are afforded you in sci-fi are endless and super dynamic."

Credit: James Dittiger/NBC

The possibilities are also complicated. And after the premiere, Tucker is excited for audiences to stick around and get some answers. "In the beginning episodes, you have to provide a bit of a handrail for an audience to get them on board before you really begin exploring and building out the larger mythology. I think some of the feedback from people in the sci-fi world thus far is like, 'Will we get enough information so that we're satisfied because we want to know what's going on?' And yes you will. 'Does he know where this is going? And/or is there enough of an engine to sustain it?' Yes. When I sat down with Joel originally he told me the last line of the first season and the last scene of the final season."

As for what the near future will hold for Bryan and Finola, they'll have to figure out how to work together if they have any hope of solving the series' bigger mysteries. "They cannot succeed in the larger mission if they do not trust each other," says Tucker. "It's out of necessity; it's also out of caring for each other. And then there's also some stuff on the bigger mythological level that's like, 'Oh maybe these two are connected in other ways as well.'"

For Tucker, his current challenge is expanding his repertoire of "shocked" facial expressions. "What's making the job hard is we're constantly presented with something that's very outside of what is considered normal and responding to it in unique ways is challenging," he says with a laugh. "I'm desperately trying to find new looks of surprise and shock and curiosity."

Debris airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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