Justin Simien's college satire returns for its swan song in September.

Samantha White and her friends will be singing and dancing their way to graduation in the fourth and final season of Dear White People.

A new teaser reveals that Netflix's college satire will return Sept. 22, and more surprisingly, the final 10 episodes will take the form of a '90s-inspired musical — because why not?

But that's not all, because creator Justin Simien has also thrown some Afrofuturism into the mix. As Sam (Logan Browning) and the gang melodically move through their senior year at Winchester University, the series will also flash-forward to a post-pandemic future where the characters are reflecting on "the most formative (and theatrical) year of their lives," according to an official synopsis.

The ambitious final season makes sense when you consider that music was a big part of Simien's last project, Bad Hair, a horror film set in the late '80s. When EW spoke to the writer-director last year, he teased that Bad Hair had an impact on how he was approaching Dear White People's last run.

"I did feel renewed creatively, and also it being our last season of the show, it sort of gave me a little more ounce of ambition and purpose for really doing something special with the final season," Simien said on the eve of Bad Hair's Sundance premiere. "We try to do this every season, but really there's a lot on the line with the final season to do something ambitious and special and sort of unexpected. Doing the movie definitely made me excited about pushing what the show could be even further, making a definitive season, and going out with a bang."

In season 3 of Dear White People, Sam and Lionel (DeRon Horton) found themselves entangled with the Order of X, a Black secret society at Winchester that used its power to, among other things, hide sexual assault allegations against professor Moses Brown (Blair Underwood). After bringing those crimes to light, Sam and Lionel met with Troy (Brandon P. Bell) in the closing moments of the finale, implying that they were joining forces to take down the Order. Hopefully season 4 will reveal how those efforts are going.

Watch the new teaser above. Dear White People season 4 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 22, on Netflix.

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