EW gathered stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, and creator Liz Feldman for a tell-all chat from their respective quarantine headquarters.

By now, you've probably binged all of Dead to Me's second season. (And if you haven't, well, stop here, turn on your TV, watch all 10 episodes, and then come back to us.) If you're all caught up, you probably have some (or many) burning questions about everything that went down — and a few extra special questions for James Marsden.

EW gathered together the creative geniuses behind the cult-fave show — stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, and creator Liz Feldman — for a tell-all chat from their respective quarantine headquarters.

It was the first time the group spoke freely about all of the season's plot turns, including [spoiler alert] Marsden's return as Steve's twin brother, Jen's reveal to Judy that she didn't kill Steve in self-defense, Judy's love interest played by new cast addition Natalie Morales, and the cliffhanger car accident at the end of the finale episode. And yes, it felt as scary as it sounds for a group that, as Feldman puts it, is conditioned not to spoil the show.

"Last year we literally couldn't talk about what the show was about at all," Applegate points out. "We had to sit there and had the challenge of saying, it's a show about two women who meet at a grief group. That was all we could say. Now, I think everyone expects that there's going to be something otherworldly happening on the show."

Season 2's very first otherworldly moment came early on, when Marsden himself knocks on the door of Judy's house — as Steve's as-yet-unannounced twin brother, Ben. While it may seem like a conceit that the show had under its belt from the very beginning, the plan to bring the actor back after his original character's death came relatively late in the game.

"James emailed me after season 1 came out and people seemed to like it, and he said, what are the odds that Steve could survive a traumatic brain injury and drowning," Feldman explains with a laugh. "Because it would be so fun to keep working together. I sat down with Kelly Hutchinson, one of the writers on the show, and told her James was interested in coming back — we looked at each other at the same time and were like...twins?"

"She pitched me the concept and I immediately started laughing at the whole idea, because we all just thought, is that gonna work?" adds Marsden. "The first day of shooting on the second season, I remember Christina going...So, twins? No pressure, Marsden, but the season kinda lives or dies by whether or not you sell this thing."

Cardellini, for her part, is quick to point out that on set, she and Applegate quickly got used to Marsden as a different character — thanks to his acting chops and a few strategic wardrobe choices, they easily believed in Marsden as Ben.

The second season may have come together thanks to a gentle nudge from the actors, but the cast doesn't plan to suggest anything for the third season.

"I don't mess with Liz's brain and what Liz has on her mind, because had I done that we wouldn't have the show we do," says Applegate. "So for me, going into season 3, I'm not about what I want my character to experience — I want to experience what Liz is giving me."

Marsden, never one to let a bit die, is quick to add that he wouldn't mind adding a new Wood brother each season.

"It becomes like an Eddie Murphy comedy," he jokes. "I'm constantly trying to think of more fun things for me to do."

Watch the full video above for more insights on season 2 of Dead to Me.

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