Warning: This article contains spoilers about Tuesday's season finale of DC's Stargirl.

It's Christmas in July August for the new Justice Society of America on DC's Stargirl, but Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is going to find some coal lumped in with her presents when The CW's newest superhero drama returns for season 2.

The season 1 finale (now streaming on DC Universe before airing on The CW on Tuesday) neatly wrapped up some story arcs while teasing quite a few new threats. In the massive battle between the JSA and the ISA, Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) killed Brainwave (Christopher James Baker) out of revenge for Henry Jr.'s (Jake Austin Walker) murder. Icicle (Neil Jackson) "killed" Chuck by freezing Beth's (Anjelika Washington) Dr. Mid-Nite goggles. Rick (Cameron Gellman) had the chance to kill Solomon Grundy but showed mercy when he realized the giant creature was being controlled by the ISA. Cindy (Meg DeLacy) killed her own father, Dragon King (Nelson Lee), while the JSA stopped the ISA's brainwashing plans. And even young Mike (Trae Romano) got in on the action, crashing the family truck into Icicle and shattering the villain into a thousand ice cubes.

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The JSA and the Whitmore-Dugan clan celebrated a job well done with an idyllic Christmas party after a short time jump, complete with Courtney gifting Pat (Luke Wilson) the "world's best dad" mug she had kept since childhood, originally intended for her now-estranged biological father. Courtney and Pat then took a joy ride through Blue Valley's snow-covered trees in what seemed to be the perfect, closed ending for this show. But a series of sudden cliffhangers paints a clear path of where DC's Stargirl will go next, like Cindy searching for and finding a gem holding DC supervillain Eclipso and former ISA member The Shade returning to take over the power vacuum in the decimated evil group. And a post-credit sequence revealed that Sylvester Pemberton, a.k.a. Starman (Joel McHale), is in North Hollywood, appearing very much alive (!) and looking for Pat at his old apartment.

Below, EW got Bassinger to break down all those massive twists and what they mean for season 2.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: A member of the JSA just took a life. How is Courtney feeling about Yolanda’s decision to kill Brainwave?

BREC BASSINGER: Courtney does not think you should kill people, even when it comes to Brainwave. At the very beginning, even though he wanted to kill her mom, she never wanted to kill him. After he went into a coma she was still so fearful that she might have accidentally killed him. She doesn't feel like she should be able to play God; it's not her right to take a life, especially as a hero. That's not the goal. And so to have one of her teammates not honor that or not see eye-to-eye, it's definitely going to cause conflict next season. But also speaking for Yolanda, I feel like she's going to struggle with that too. Guilt and remorse, I would imagine, will haunt her.

A bunch of ISA villains were killed in the finale — Icicle, Brainwave, Dragon King, Fiddler — and Courtney doesn't know about the new threats headed her way yet. Does she believe that the JSA has accomplished their goal of defeating the ISA?

The ISA were kind of hidden in plain sight among the American Dream as normal people. She is going to keep that in mind going forward, so even though she might have stopped them, I think she's always going to have her eyes open for more evil hiding in plain sight. At this point, that's kind of the only villains she's experienced. I don't think she'll think it's safe yet because even when she thought it was safe, it wasn't.

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The final reveal of the episode, that Starman is alive and looking for Pat, was so shocking — what does that mean for Courtney in season 2? Is this even a good thing?

I don't know! When I read the script, I was so shocked and I looked at Geoff [Johns] and I was like, "What does this mean?" And he was like, "You know, at DC all things are possible." [Laughs] He's such a tease like that. He never fully tells us what's going on, he likes to keep us on our toes.

Did you get to meet Joel McHale at all during production on season 1 or will you be meeting him for the first time in season 2?

I did get to meet him in passing. It was a night shoot for the very first episode, it was right after his dramatic death scene — or maybe not-so-death scene, who knows anymore? He was so nice and he had his super-suit on and he looked very heroic. It was 1 a.m. and he was wrapping up and I was just getting started for the day, and he was like, "Oh geez, you're in for a long ride." I'm like, "Yup, can't wait!"

So he literally passed the superhero baton to you?

Yeah! [Laughs] It kind of felt like that.

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Do you think Starman and Stargirl are going to get along when they eventually do meet or do you think he’s going to be upset that someone else is using the Cosmic Staff?

I imagine he will be upset. I feel like the Cosmic Staff is almost like a puppy. And I know if someone took my puppy I would be very upset. [Laughs] Also, I don't even know, will the Cosmic Staff even work for Courtney anymore? Can it even work for more than one person at a time? I don’t know. There are so many questions that I don't even know the answers to. So I'm curious to find out.

With a new ISA member in town, Grundy on the loose, and Cindy/Shiv still out there, what kinds of conversations have you had with Geoff about where season 2 is going for Courtney and the JSA?

I don't know a lot, but you can tell a lot just looking at the last little cliffhangers. There's a very iconic front cover of a comic book and I think it's so cool that they replicated it with this villain Eclipso who holds the rock above his eye exactly how Shiv did in that little final piece. I'm assuming Eclipso will have something to do with next season but that's just me making an assumption from like what I've seen. I have stuff to back it up, I’m not just pulling it out of thin air!

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Something we didn’t get to see so much near the end of this season was Courtney and Cameron’s (Hunter Sansone) relationship after she learned who his father was. How will the events of the finale affect their dynamic?

I hope we'll get some clarity, but also I know Courtney would feel a lot of guilt knowing all these things about his father and him not knowing, so I imagine that will complicate the situation. I don't know if they're going to work out just because of the situation being so complicated, but I'm curious to see where it goes.

What do you want to see from season 2?

I would love to see Courtney continue to mature. She matured a lot personally throughout this first season, but I would also love to see the JSA continue to grow into the heroes that I know they are. The transition they made from the beginning of the season to the end of the season was so big but I still think they have a long way to go, so them continually finding those skills and honing in on them, I'm excited to see like the JSA that they become. And I love the family dynamic. Towards the end of the season, she and Mike started bonding, she and Pat finally found this mutual respect and love for each other. And then now Barbara [Amy Smart] knows. All those family dynamics are super interesting so I'm really excited to dive into each one of those relationships.

DC's Stargirl will return for season 2 on The CW.

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