See exclusive photos from the upcoming flashback episode that marks the show's first major crossover.

Run, don't walk, to this first look at DC's Stargirl's first major crossover!

EW has the exclusive first photos of John Wesley Shipp's arrival on DC's Stargirl as old-school speedster Jay Garrick, a.k.a. the Golden Age version of The Flash. Shipp guest stars in episode 9 (airing Oct. 5), which is the big flashback episode that shows the original Justice Society of America. This episode marks the first time that DC's Stargirl features a character from another Arrowverse show (Shipp first appeared on The Flash) which was made possible by the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

DC's Stargirl -- "Summer School: Chapter Nine"
Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan and John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash
| Credit: The CW

The flashbacks come about as Pat (Luke Wilson) looks back on his time with the original JSA — including Sylvester Pemberton/Starman (Joel McHale), Johnny Thunder (Ethan Embry), Rex Tyler/Hourman (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), and Ted Grant/Wildcat (Brian Stapf) — when he's reminded of painful memories of their fight to take down Eclipso (Nick Tarabay). And based on these photos, it looks like that fight ended in the worst way imaginable as the team buries someone in a cemetery. Will round two with Eclipso in the present have a better outcome?

We're about to find out, because this episode also features Eclipso taking aim at Courtney/Stargirl's (Brec Bassinger) family in a way that has the young hero struggling to hold onto hope in the wake of his attacks. Meanwhile, Mike (Trae Romano) is forced to confront the guilt he feels for his role in Icicle's (Neil Jackson) death, and Barbara (Amy Smart) comes face-to-face with someone from her past. 

DC's Stargirl -- "Summer School: Chapter Nine"
Lou Ferrigno Jr as Rex Tyler/Hourman, John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash, Joel McHale as Sylvester Pemberton/Starman, Brian Stapf as Ted Grant/Wildcat and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan on 'DC's Stargirl'
| Credit: The CW

Could that "someone" be ... Sylvester Pemberton, a.k.a. Starman? He's already showing up in this episode in flashbacks but it's not too much of a stretch to hope for him to arrive in Blue Valley in the present too. Plus he's already on his way there looking for his former sidekick Pat — does he have a connection with Barbara as well?

"In the best comic books I always love the long-brewing subplots and the return of Starman, Sylvester Pemberton, is one of those," creator Geoff Johns previously said. "You will see him come in to play in season 2, both in flashbacks — we have a really cool episode 209, it's got a Justice Society flashback with the original members with Luke and Joel and the other JSA founders — and then you'll see Joel McHale into the later half of the season."

Check out the rest of the first look photos below:

DC's Stargirl -- "Summer School: Chapter Nine"
John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan
| Credit: The CW
DC's Stargirl -- "Summer School: Chapter Nine"
Ethan Embry as Johnny Thunder and Joel McHale as Sylvester Pemberton/Starman
| Credit: The CW
DC's Stargirl -- "Summer School: Chapter Nine"
John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash
| Credit: The CW

DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 

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