Stargirl -- "Wildcat" -- Pictured (L-R):Yvette Monreal as Wildcat and Brec Bassinger as Stargirl
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Stargirl and the new Justice Society of America aren't going anywhere because The CW has renewed DC's Stargirl for a second season. And yes, just The CW.

In its first season, which is currently rolling out, the superhero drama aired on both The CW and DC Universe, the comic book publisher's streaming service. When the bright Greg Berlanti-produced show returns for season 2 (whenever that is, given, well, everything), The CW will be its exclusive in-season home.

Reminiscent of Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slawyer, DC's Stargirl follows high schooler Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as she picks up deceased JSA member Starman's mantle and becomes the Cosmic Staff-wielding Stargirl. Not only that, but she also resurrects the JSA with some of her classmates: Yolanda Montez/Wildcat (Yvette Monreal), Rick Tyler/Hourman (Cameron Gellman), and Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-Nite (Anjelika Washington). Working with Courtney's step-father Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) — who operates a giant robot — the super-team faces the Injustice Society of America, which is alive and active small town Blue Valley, Neb.

Stargirl -- "The Justice Society" Brec Bassinger as Stargirl, Cameron Gellman as Hourman, Anjelika Washington as Dr. Mid-Nite and Yvette Monreal as Wildcat
Credit: The CW

"I love that they're kids, because kids' paths are uncertain," executive producer/co-showrunner Geoff Johns, who created Stargirl in the '90s, told EW about the young crop of heroes. "We see them make mistakes and we see them succeed, and we see them figure out who they are and who they want to be."

He continued: "By playing with this younger generation taking on legacies of the older generation and having someone like Pat Dugan be their chaperone and mentor in a way, it has a very different feel [than other superhero shows], because it both ties into the original superheroes who started it all and then looks forward by having this generation embrace their legacies and improve upon them in some ways, but also find their own ways of doing things, just like generations do in real life."

Johns executive produces alongside co-showrunner Melissa Carter (Queen Sugar), Berlanti Productions Chairwoman Sarah Schechter, Greg Beeman, and Berlanti. The series also stars Jake Austin Walker, Amy Smart, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson, Christopher James Baker, and Hunter Sansone.

DC's Stargirl airs Mondays on DC Universe and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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