The struggle to operate a late-night show from home is real. But, as we learned from Stephen Colbert, it can also make for great TV.

The host of The Late Show, now being called A Late Show as he continues working remotely, tried to interview Daniel Radcliffe through video chat, but it quickly got derailed by technical difficulties. What ensued was Colbert and his producers working in real time to solve the problem.

"It's good that it's not easy," Colbert said with a smile. "It adds another flavor. It sprinkles a little salt on the show."

What did Colbert do to keep his audience entertained? He gave us a little tune: "Just Dropped In" from the late Kenny Rogers. Radcliffe bopped along as he tried calling in with his cellphone, which didn't work at first and the actor had to resort to writing messages on notebook paper to show the camera.

Finally, about four minutes in, they figured it out and proceeded to talk about how Radcliffe was once the subject of a coronavirus hoax. "I've had various weird stories made up about me over the years, but none as topical as this," Radcliffe said.

The actor first heard about the hoax while working on the Endgame play at London’s Old Vic theater. "The makeup artist said, 'You've got coronavirus.' And I said, 'What?!'" Radcliffe recalled. "He had got a text from his niece, who apparently had just texted him, saying something to the effect of, 'That dude you're working with, he's got coronavirus.'"

He's since been in quarantine mode, going on 11 days at the time of his Colbert interview. To pass the time, Radcliffe has been working on Jurassic Park LEGO sets, which he was more than happy to show off to the camera.

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