"I was blamed for it, and it wasn't me," Banks says.

Tyra Banks is clearing the air in the ballroom.

On Thursday, the returning Dancing With the Stars host and executive producer once again addressed the live snafu on the show last season, when she announced the wrong couple as safe before having to recall them for the bottom two

"People see my face; they don't know there are things in my ears, and there are directors and things, people saying stuff to me… but the world sees me," Banks said during a virtual panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "They don't understand that there's a whole thing going on, and so I take the darts and have chosen to be talent in the entertainment industry, and that's who the world sees. So the world is angry at the talent. But there's a whole control room, and things happening, and craziness going on that I'm fed [in my ear] certain things, say certain things that I'm told."

Tyra Banks
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She continued: "But it is what it is. We're a team. And sometimes you have to take darts for the team, and I took them and will continue to take them. Our team will make mistakes. They see my face and that's what's gets written up, and that's the choice that I've made to be on television."

Banks took some heat for the mixup on social media, and she and fellow executive producer Andrew Llinares addressed the incident in the days after to clear her name.

While revisiting the season 29 moment Thursday, Banks said straight up that it wasn't her fault. "I think what did happen last year, I was blamed for it, and it wasn't me," she said. "And I think that's very important to  say."

For his part, Llinares said Banks was cool, calm, and collected when she had to bring back a couple who previously thought they were safe (Cheer's Monica Aldama and pro Val Chmerkovskiy).

"I have to just say, Tyra, in that moment, was so unbelievably professional, because there was a lot going on behind the scenes," Llinares said. "She had a lot of voices in her ears because something had happened behind the scenes, and it was astonishing how calmly she dealt with it. She was a master professional."

Despite the kerfuffle, Banks indicated that such moments don't faze her.

"I always just tell people, 'There's going to be crazy things that happen in the entertainment industry,' as you guys, I'm sure, see on social and press and all kind of stuff, saying crazy stuff. But when you know that truth, that allows you to sleep at night because there's all this stuff, and appearances, and assumptions, but when you know that truth, you can sleep at night," Banks said, turning to address the two 18-year-old celebs who joined her on the panel after they were revealed as season 30 cast members: JoJo Siwa (who will be paired with a female dancer, the first same-sex pairing on the U.S. version of the show) and Olympian Suni Lee. 

"And that's going to happen to you guys," Banks told Siwa and Lee. "And fans loving you, fans not liking your dance. And you did your best, and you're going to sleep that night, and you're going to come back and kill it that next week on that dance floor."

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